A passion for food artistry began in his abuela’s kitchen and has carried him through culinary school in Peru and beyond.

“You eat with your eyes first.”

As a child, Abraham learned this golden rule about cooking from his Abuelita as he helped her prepare classic Peruvian dishes. These hours spent in his grandmother’s kitchen instilled in Abraham a deep appreciation for the love that goes into meticulously prepared meals, and the pleasure of serving a masterpiece that brings family and friends together.

Raised in Chicago, Abraham traveled several times with his grandparents to his family’s native Peru. This further ingrained in him a love for the food and culture of his family’s native country.

After high school, Abraham earned a bachelor’s in finance from the University of Florida. He moved to Miami and began a successful career in sales while also basking in this city’s exceptional culinary scene. In 2002 he moved to San Diego where he continued working in sales. All the while, his passion for the culinary arts continued to grow. He often enjoyed preparing delectable meals for friends and roommates.

In 2010 he decided to follow his heart. He moved to Lima, Peru to attend the prestigious culinary institute at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola-Escuela de Chefs. During the next 2 ½ years he devoted himself to studying culinary arts and exploring this country. He took every opportunity to work at restaurants throughout Lima as well as traveling and experiencing all this beautiful country has to offer.

Food is a reflection of a culture, and during this time Abraham gained valuable insight into the history and diversity of this cuisine. He also has a deeper understanding of the complex culinary evolution that Peru has undergone over the last 1,000 years.

Chef Abraham believes that the integrity of each dish starts with fresh, authentic ingredients. His years of experience and innate understanding of flavors and components are evident as he creates elegant and delectable meals with a unique twist. He often uses elements from Japanese, Mediterranean or Chinese cuisines to put a fresh, contemporary flair on his creations.

These are dishes to be savored by all your senses.

Chef Abraham has earned notoriety for his ability to create a perfect fusion of flavors. Chef Abraham is deftly able to tailor a meal to suit any palate.

After returning to the US from culinary school, Chef Abraham further honed his skills and experience as a chef in several prominent Italian and French-influenced restaurants, including The Resort at Pelican Hill, in Orange County, CA.

Now back in San Diego, Chef Abraham offers his culinary expertise as a private chef for small parties, intimate gatherings, cooking lessons and more.

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