From the time of the Incas on, Peruvian cuisine has been influenced by the various culinary components brought by those who have settled and become part of this land. Such cultural influences that impacted cooking techniques include those of the Spanish Conquistadors and the Moors, who were originally brought to Peru as slaves. Later, European immigrants and Japanese and Chinese laborers all added unique flavor signatures to Peruvian dishes. The result is a delicate mix of flavors and elements that set this cuisine apart from other Latin American fare.

Some of the unique Peruvian dishes, components and ingredients include:

Lomo Saltado – A dish cooked in a wok that includes a fusion of Chinese and Peruvian flavors. The wok gives the dish an “ahumado” or smoky flavor.

Aji de Gallina – Shredded Chicken in our Aji Amarillo and parmesan cream sauce.

Anticucho de corazon –Marinated Beef Heart.

Ceviche – Fresh white fish served “al crudo” in a Peruvian lime based marinade.

Papa La Huancaina – Boiled potato served with a yellow pepper creamy spicy sauce (Aji Amarillo).

Aji amarillo Pepper – Yellow Pepper.

Rocotto Pepper – Red Pepper.

Aji Limo – A petite spicy pepper that accompanies Ceviche and carries a citrus overtone.

Aji Panca – Dry pepper used to make Anticucho and many other dishes.


Rachel Ray says, “Dining in Peru will blow you away amigos!!” According to European and international food experts, Peruvian cuisine, in Peru, is right up there with French and Chinese as the best cuisine in the world – bar none!  Here in the U.S. the trend is just starting to hit mainstream with many cuisine experts declaring Peruvian Cuisine as “The Next Big Thing.”


Ferran Adria(Spain) – One of the best Chefs in the world says, “Peruvian Food is one of the best in the World: The world’s most renowned chefs have also had words of praise for Peruvian cuisine. For example, Ferran Adria , called’ The genius of the 21 century kitchen’ said: “The Peruvian food is the most ‘hot’ in the world . Try a ceviche, is something magical, it’s a dish that everyone loves. In my country there are delicious foods but they don’t have the success of Peruvian dishes.”


2015 World Leading Culinary Destination 2015- Voted by World Travel Awards. 4 years running. 2015 South America’s Leading Culinary Destination - Voted by World Travel Awards.

2015 World Leading Culinary Destination

2015 Voted by World Travel Awards,  4 years running.

2015 South America’s Leading Culinary Destination – Voted by World Travel Awards.

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