Abraham cooked dinner for my wife’s Birthday party of 8 people. I have to say the whole experience was amazing! Not only was the food delightful but Abraham made the event even better with a fun, energetic and warm personality. The ability to have world class food from a personable chef in the comfort of your own home made a wonderful night and a happy wife!

Stephen B.

The Chef provided an awesome experience to try new foods and flavors from Peru. He catered to my wife’s gluten sensitivity and provided her tasty versions of the same dishes everyone was having just without gluten. The mussel appetizers and sashimi were a great way to start off the night. They were light and fresh with a hint of spice. The main course was great. Chicken breast in a tasty sauce alongside some white rice cooked to perfection and a slice of potato. Yum!! The dessert was on point and a great way to cap off the night. Passion fruit meets custard. I had a great time and loved the food. I highly recommend this Chef for your private party. He is a very nice person and brings a great energy to the party.

Joshua D.

Very professional with amazing flavor combinations. Explained the courses and even some history behind each dish.Can’t wait for the next opportunity to use The Peruvian Chef.

Shawn B. on

Excellent meal, prepared with care.

Diane E. on

Chef Abe provided one of the best meals we’ve ever had for my husband’s 40th and 8 guests Plus toddler. Professional, responsive, attentive are all qualities we appreciate about the chef. My husband is a chef and raved about the food along with everyone else. Highly recommended if you want amazing food that will keep you and your guest talking.

Jenifer E.

Chef Abraham was AWESOME and the evening could not have gone better. The dishes he prepared were delicious and no one left hungry! His personality made him very fun to work with and his professionalism was outstanding! And we were very impressed with the quality of the service and the dishes and at such a great value! Thank you for a great evening.
Rachel C.

Abraham was awesome! He cooked for a bachelorette party I was hosting with 17 girls. The food was amazing, we could not stop talking about it all weekend long. He had a great attitude and truly made sure everyone was happy throughout the night! I would highly recommend him to anyone and definitely would like to hire him again soon!
Michelle T.

Abraham and his staff were a pleasure to work with. The food was terrific, the service was excellent. I would highly recommend him and would definitely hire him again if the occasion arises.
Michelle D.

Great meal and experience aboard our boat. Will repeat.

Tim H.

The Peruvian Chef was a hit at our last Black and White themed holiday party. Everyone loved all 5 appetizers that he prepared, he even made a couple of variations for guests with special dietary needs. Not only did he show enthusiasm and great service, our friends also commented on how he had such high energy level and was on top of things, we couldn’t keep up with how fast we was prepping all the deliciousness. I highly recommend a chef Abraham for your event as I know we’ll definitely hire him for our next gathering — ceviche platters!!
Sheryl R.

As my first time hiring a private chef I couldn’t have been happier with our experience with The Peruvian Chef. The experience was comfortable yet classy. If you are open minded when it comes to trying new food I highly suggest you give Abraham free reign to make an amazing meal with his touch of Peruvian flavor. Would definitely hire Abraham again.

Jennifer D

Abraham was professional, his food is excellent and we joined every bite. He accommodated our diets (GF, no dairy, no red meat) and worked closely with me to plan the menu. We loved his ceviche, quinoa salad and flour less chocolate cake! Thanks Abraham for making the party a huge success.
Dayna T.

The Peruvian Chef is in a special class of dining that everyone should experience. He’s cooked numerous times for my family and friends; each and every time impressing us all. He’s easy to work with, engaging and a master of Peruvian and other cuisines. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking a romantic dinner, extravagant party, or a change of pace from the everyday.

Stacey S.

Abe’s ceviche is hands down the best I have ever tried.
A true professional and is certainly the first one we call whenever we want to wow our friends and family.
Matthew S.

Abraham provided a great experience to celebrate my girlfriends bday week! From start to finish we loved every minute. Even the next day we could stop talking about which part we liked best! Beyond our expectations!

Armando D.

Abraham’s amazing! He came over personally to cook a private romantic dinner for my husband and my one year anniversary and it was so incredible! Besides catering to all my vegetarian needs, he created this mouth watering menu that blew us away! My husband does not like butternut squash and after trying Abe’s first course of his special butternut squash soup, my husband asked for seconds! His flourless chocolate cake is still on my mind and can’t wait to eat more of it! If you have not experienced Abe’s food yet, you are missing out! Check him out now online he is “The Peruvian Chef!”
Bree S.

Mr. Betancourth was kind enough to provide Personal Chef services in my home for a VIP dinner for a party of twelve. He was an outstanding Leader in the processes of menu planning, ingredient selection, shopping (while teaching), and cooking. The span of which took a total of eight dedicated hours over a period of one half day. We enjoyed a lovely moon and candlelit dinner in our garden while savoring unique and allergy-conscious delights. While I felt like a total heel asking for a last minute (post-grocery acquisition) menu change to accommodate Vegan guests, Mr. BEtancourth gracefully, and with all the flexibility of a reed in the wind, came up with an added dish from in-house, available groceries; all in less than ninety seconds! I rate the quality of his service as optimal and understand his services are at a competitive price. He only charged for his in person time! Regarding room for improvement, he underestimated the amount of conversation and lingering his elegant meal would create- so we kept him a little late and made slightly unreasonable demands for MORE WINE! I would hope his availability will allow me to select Mr. Betancourth for our next family and/or business event. I recommend him without reservation.

Yvonne L.

I was in search for a chef that would cook healthy, yet tasty meals as I do not have a lot of time to cook and I want to eat healthy at a reasonable price. I got way more than I expected when I found Abraham. He is an amazing chef! His meals are healthy, fresh, they taste amazing and Abraham himself is so friendly! His Peruvian culinary training makes him unique from others and I am now addicted! He is able to make any type of food. I honestly do not like to eat out anymore because the food at restaurants rarely compares to Abraham’s! I would highly recommend him!!! I would use him for events and/or personal cooking – He’s truly outstanding!
Katie H.

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